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Decorative Painting Classes - Art Classes Photos: 2003 - 2004

MorningGloryArt Decorative Painting - Marcia's Art Studio - Butler PA
(Western PA / Pennsylvania area - near Pittsburgh PA)

Art Class Photo - Christmas Rose Candlesticks Art Class Photo - Snow Bunting Art Class Photo - Hearts in Style

Christmas Rose Candlesticks
Just in time for the Holidays!!! But we decided these candlesticks can be used all year 'round! (Late 2002)

Snow Bunting Oil Class
Feb 2003 - Beginner oil class: These gals painted more like intermediate students! Everyone had a charming little Snow Bunting to take home.

Hearts in Style
Feb 2003 - What fun it was getting back together to paint! Our projects were a matching tray and lampshade with springtime colors - although the howling winter wind outside told us another tale. We had two new gals, Sue and Dalene, join us ... Welcome!

Art Class Photo - Charming Chickadee Art Class Photo - Folk Art Flowers Art Class Photo - Stoned Birdhouse

Charming Chickadee
Feb 2003 - What a great class!! I'm just so darn proud of how talented this group of oil painters is!! This was Kathy's first oil painting, but you'd never know it!!... Thanks to all for making this class so much fun!

Folk Art Flowers
March 2003 - Pretty folk art carnations and tulips painted on round wall plaques. It was great fun playing with this style of strokework flowers / foliage; not to mention playing with different colors!! Now that they've learned this "quick" art style, these gals will be able to quickly paint pretty gifts.

Stoned Birdhouse
March 2003 - What a merry band of painters I have!! At the last minute I decided to "stone" this little birdhouse; everyone agreed and everyone finished their project! The crackling technique on the roof was enjoyed by all.

Art Class Photo - Beneath Monet's Pond Art Class Photo - Gingerbread Welcome Art Class Photo - Violets Three

Beneath Monet's Pond
This advanced/intermediate class was a learning experience for everyone, including myself! Did you know that koi have tiny whiskers? And the three acrylic painters tried their hand at oils on the water lily. Such good troopers!

Gingerbread Welcome
There were Gingerbread Cookies everywhere!!! This class learned some important techniques for creating a realistic painting with a lot of attention paid to detail. They'll be able to apply what they learned here to their own projects.

Violets Three
This oil painting of a Wild Violet was a testament to skill; and everyone went home with lovely wild Purple Violets. Our White Violets and Freckles Violets will soon be done as well. We were fortunate to have real violets to study.

Art Class Photo - Chickadee Dee Dee Art Class Photo - Froggie's Stoned Birdbath Art Class Photo - Tricks or Treats

So ! Just how many Chickadees can fit in Winfield Hall? Quite a few from the looks of this class photo!! This was a beginner oil session and everyone completed a beautiful painting. So sorry to the gal who had to leave early and was not included in this picture!...

Froggie's Stoned Birdbath
What a pleasure it is for me to paint with such talented painters. This acrylic piece had lots of detail, but the end result was worth it. Everyone finished their birdbath and will be able to add it to their garden.
THANKS for such a fun class, ladies
AND for meandering through my gardens.

Tricks or Treats
We all had a good time painting Candy Corn and Mr. Ghost and conversing about the full moon. It was a pleasure meeting with two new painterly friends !!! Our first timer in this fun class sure didn't paint like a first timer!!!

Art Class Photo - Elegant Poinsettia Art Class Photo - Peppermint Candy Box Art Class Photo - Silver Bells

Elegant Poinsettia
Everyone had a lovely flower pot to take home. Sorry we're missing one person! Thanks for a fun session, ladies!!

Peppermint Candy Box
This class is so talented!! I was so impressed with the quality of everyone's work! It's so gratifying to see everyone learn so quickly and have great fun doing it. Thanks gals!

Silver Bells
Silver Bells - the music is classic and now you gals have a very classic, classy container. This was a challenging class and yet everyone did VERY well... thank you for two fun evenings!

Art Class Photo - Jingle Bells Art Class Photo - Merry Christmas Banner Art Class Photo - TeaTime Teddy

! Jingle Bells !
This was one of the most fun classes yet!! And these gals should be proud as they painted the most lovely jingle bells. PS...Don't I have a good-looking group of gals here???

Merry Christmas Banner
Sharon Holt was our instructor for this lovely Christmas banner. And the studio had it's youngest (14yrs old) and newest member- Kiley. Everyone now has a most wonderful wallhanging.

TeaTime Teddy Class
This fun class was a real workout for us, but well worth the journey. One of the trays was going to be used as a baby gift and the other to decorate a kitchen and one of mine will be used in a guest room.

Art Class Photo - Lucky Bunny and Peking Daylily Art Class Photo - Tufted Titmouse Art Class Photo - Red-Breasted Nuthatch

Lucky Bunny / Peking Daylily
Welcome to a new painter who did a fantastic painting... And three cheers to all the painters for painting a lovely daylily and a sweet bunny!!

Tufted Titmouse
We had a new oil painter who did wonderfully well!! EVERYONE had a lovely painting to take home to frame... so sorry to the gal who couldn't be in the picture.

Red-Breasted Nuthatch
One of my favorite oil classes yet! Pretty soon these gals won't need me at all!! Thanks for making it so much fun!

Art Class Photo - Denim Pansy Art Class Photo - Happy Hydrangea Art Class Photo - Jeromi Hare's Salute

Denim Pansy
WOW!! Our blue, fuschia and yellow pansies were just bursting out all over! Welcome to Donna- her first time to MGA Studio and many thanks to Janet for requesting this project. Fun was had by all!

Happy Hydrangea
All Blue and White Hydrangea were painted wonderfully well - I was truly impressed!-- Welcome to Linda who hadn't visited MGA studio in quite awhile.

Jeromi Hare's Salute
Janet and I had a great evening. Pretty soon she'll be teaching the class!
We Salute You, Jeromi!!

Art Class Photo - Halloween and Christmas Art Class Photo - Harvest Glow Art Class Photo - Autumn Still-Life

Halloween and Christmas
Lori and I worked very diligently not to mention very well together. We painted one humorous (charming Corny box) and one very lovely (Xmas Ornaments)project.

Harvest Glow
The gals and I painted our hearts out, and we all have a great table runner for our fall tables. Just love the little crock candle holders and our glowing candle on the opposite end of the still-life. Very nice work!!

Autumn Still-Life
Welcome to JoEllen!! As you can see, everyone took home a lovely painting from this rather advanced class. I definitely have some wonderful painters!

Art Class Photo - Merry Christmas Art Class Photo - Sweet Angel and Sweet Treats Art Class Photo - Santa Glow

Merry Christmas !!
Two projects were completed with a little time to spare this evening... We have world travelers in class! What great stories while we paint!!

Sweet Angel
Sweet Treats
A Sweet Angel on a star-shaped box and a lovely Trompe L'oeil of candy on a plate was painted this evening... I love how the gals make me think about what/how to do the techniques- I'm always learning, too!

Santa Glow
This class is so talented and so much fun, I'm not sure what I'd do without you!! Thank you!
Your Santa candlesticks were all beautifully painted - something to be very proud of.

Art Class Photo - Pansy Duet

Pansy Duet
Pansies were springing up everywhere at DeLucca's Country Crafts shop! Most of these gals were beginners and I was pleasantly surprised to see such wonderfully painted pansies.
Great Work, Ladies!!

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MorningGloryArt Decorative Painting Art Classes Photos 2003-2004 - Marcia's Art Studio - Butler PA
(Western Pennsylvania area - near Pittsburgh PA)