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Decorative Painting Classes - Art Classes Photos: 2005 - 2006

MorningGloryArt Decorative Painting - Marcia's Art Studio - Butler PA
(Western PA / Pennsylvania area - near Pittsburgh PA)

Art Class Photo - Bunnies Duet and Cute Chickie Art Class Photo - Just Duckie Art Class Photo - BumbleBee's Delight

Bunnies Duet and Cute Chickie
Welcome to the new gals, Jessie and Perri! Wow! What a great beginner class this was! Everyone had lovely projects to take home and I felt so lucky to have such talented gals in the studio...
Thanks Everyone !!

Just Duckie !!
This fun Easter project gave us several different techniques to "play" with... a very good learning experience. We quacked up several times during class. What fun!

BumbleBee's Delight
We were all buzzzzzin' about how swell our clay pots turned out in this class- and we got done early, too! THAT's a first! Our stroke work petals were easy and every BumbleBee looked like it was ready to take flight. Such a fun evening!
Happy Easter!!

Art Class Photo - Butterfly Beauties Art Class Photo - Tulips to Welcome You Art Class Photo - Merry Magnolia

Butterfly Beauties
MorningGloryArt Studio had its first class in pen and ink then rouging with oil to produce lovely paintings of a Monarch and Clouded Sulphur Butterflies that will become framed wall art. Kudos to the gals for trying something new and producing near perfect paintings.

Tulips to Welcome You
What lovely "Welcome" slate paintings were produced at MGA Studio this evening. Can't wait to hang them up! So sorry to the gals that weren't in the photo.

Merry Magnolia
Painting a Lovely Magnolia and a Red Damselfly made us quite merry!! The instructor was impressed and pleasantly pleased with the endeavors of her students.
Such Beautiful Paintings!!

Art Class Photo - Market Cafe Art Class Photo - Bluebird Portrait Art Class Photo - Foxglove

Market Cafe
The paintings were all OOoooohh La La in this class! This fast-paced class included strokework flowers, washes, a little mixing and antiquing - and all was done very well by all attendees. Thanks for a fun class everyone! Apologies to the gal who couldn't be in the photo.

Bluebird Portrait
Our oil class produced some of the best birds and leaves I've seen yet! They'll be wonderful framed art for anyone's
home or office!

Our Foxglove with Hummingbird paintings were all just lovely. Couldn't wait to hang mine up - How about you?

Art Class Photo - BELIEVE in Santa Art Class Photo - WHOOOO's There Art Class Photo - Blushing Roses

~ BELIEVE in Santa ~
Welcome to the new gal
and just look at these beautiful Santas!!
I DO Believe !!

?? WHOOOO's There ??
Just the Sleepy Owl peering out of his tree cavity to inspect "just what's going on right in front of the Moon! Everyone's trays were just wonderful... We're now ready to serve the trick-or-treaters in Halloween Style! Great Paintings!!

Blushing Roses
Everyone painted their stroke-work roses step by step to create very lovely roses on the beautiful boxes. Congrats to Melda for winning the teacher's sample; and so very glad Violet dropped in... A Rose is a Rose...

Art Class Photo - Autumn Leaves Art Class Photo - Boudoir Rose Art Class Photo - Light Up The Night

~ Autumn Leaves ~
Our "marbled wood" turned out very well - It was a fast, easy process; and our leaves were so very colorful and just beautiful !! Congrats to Karen who won the Halloween tea towel.

~ Boudoir Rose ~
Our trompe l'oeil of a Don Juan Rose and pearls on antique lace was a very romantic painting - They were all so lovely!!

Light Up The Night
The two night lights were easily painted during class. It was especially fun inking in the wool on our sheep. Now, in which rooms will they go?

Art Class Photo - Victorian Santa Art Class Photo - Merry Partridge Door Crown Art Class Photo - Snow Buddies

~ Victorian Santa ~
It was great fun watching our Victorian Santa faces come to life in everyone's paintings. Merry Christmas to all!

~ Merry Partridge Door Crown ~
Our door crowns all had lovely paintings to be proud of. Great painting with you all!

~ Snow Buddies ~
What a fun painting! These two snow buddies sure know how make their friends welcome; and my painting gals sure know how to make them come alive!! Love the textured snow!!

Art Class Photo - Reindeer Candles Art Class Photo - Bluebird Beginner Class Art Class Photo - Forget-Me-Not Box

~ Reindeer Candles ~
Both candles were completed and the reindeer laying down was dressed with additional harness - Very nice!! This last class for 2005 was such great fun and a learning class for me, too!! Thanks, gals!!

Bluebird Beginner Class
Bluebird, Lilacs and a Pansy Box were created. There were five new students and it was difficult to believe they had not painted before - Very Good Paintings, Ladies!!!

~ Forget-Me-Not Box ~
We learned to create depth in our painting by using a tried and true method. Just love those blue flowers!!

Art Class Photo - Crocus is Born Art Class Photo - Eirlys Snowdrop Art Class Photo - Cottage Flower Pot

~ Crocus is Born ~
Creating Marble was the main attraction of our class. But everyone also had beautiful blooming crocuses before the evening was over!!

~ Eirlys Snowdrop ~
Everyone had a fun time "smoking in" the background for the lovely, delicate Snowdrops (known as Eirlys in Wales) that we painted on the lid of our basket.

~ Cottage Flower Pot ~
Our large Cottage Flower Pots were painted with whimsical designs around it. Painting with the Sand Paint on the chiminea and flower pot was good experience.

Art Class Photo - Artist Canvas Satchel Art Class Photo - Lily-of-the-Valley Vase / Lamp Art Class Photo - Summer Plaids

Artist Canvas Satchel
Painting an artist palette with a vase, daisies, brushes and paint bottle on a canvas satchel was quite easy for everyone as evidence by their pretty finished projects in this photo. Great job, ladies!!!

Lily-of-the-Valley Vase / Lamp
What beautiful work was accomplished on the Vases and Lamps during this class! I hope everyone was as pleased as I was. Just need to pick some Spring flowers for everyone's enjoyment!

Summer Plaids
Now that's a beautiful snapshot of beautiful gals holding beautiful pots with beautiful summer plaids on them!!! I hope the five new gals enjoyed themselves - you all did such a BEAUTIFUL JOB !!! Thank you for a fun class and enjoy your planters!

Art Class Photo - Rose Arbor Slate Art Class Photo - Visions of the Sea Art Class Photo - Summer Fun Platter

Rose Arbor Slate
Our class learned quick stroke roses and enjoyed adding sand paint to the stone bases of the arbor. Everyone had wonderful paintings to be proud of!! So sorry to the gal who couldn't make it to our second session.

Visions of the Sea
What an enjoyable class! We painted the sky and clouds using a control medium that allowed us to softly blend the colors as if we were painting in oils. I believe everyone enjoyed Longfellow's lines and having fun with our fantasies.... again, so sorry to be missing one of our painterly friends who wanted to join us.

Summer Fun Platter
We're ready for a fun summer picnic after painting our sunshiney platter with Mr. Sun, Iced Tea with Umbrella Straw and FlipFlops. Summer's on the way!

Art Class Photo - Delphinium / Butterfly Art Class Photo - Herbal Bliss (1 of 3) Art Class Photo - Herbal Bliss (2 of 3)

Delphinium / Butterfly
This 2-session class was a study of a blue Delphinium flower and a Common Blue butterfly. Doing a watercolor-like background was enjoyed by all. Now everyone can put their beautiful paintings on their oak lazy-susans to good use!

Herbal Bliss
What a FUN CLASS! We had nine beautiful Herb Planters painted in various colors. Look at the next photo to see how beautiful they were when they were completely painted!

Herbal Bliss (cont.)
Here's all the planters except one all lined up along with their owner/painters. The brickwork showing through made for a very charming old-world look. After we varnished our planters, we planted them with 11 different herbs.

Art Class Photo - Herbal Bliss (3 of 3)

Herbal Bliss (cont.)
This photo shows four of the Herb Planters filled to the brim with herbs and ready to go to their new locations... Let's get those great recipes going that we talked about in class. This was our final class for the Spring Session and certainly one of the most fun!!
~ Thank You Everyone!! ~

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MorningGloryArt Decorative Painting Art Classes Photos 2005-2006 - Marcia's Art Studio - Butler PA
(Western Pennsylvania area - near Pittsburgh PA)