Autumn Hues
© Marcia Brown
Intermediate Class - 2 sessions
This autumn painting is on a masonite round to add to a grapevine wreath. You will need to purchase a 12" wreath as I no longer have any left. We'll be doing floating, washing and at least one waterdrop. If you don't care for the little mouse, you don't need to add him (by the way, his name is "Hugh"). Please Note: The actual painting is more subtle in color than depicted here on-line. Brushes: Basecoating brush; #10 or #12 Angle; #8 Flat; #4 Round; #1 Script Liner.
Where: Marcia's Studio
When: Mon, October 28 and Tues, October 29, 200X
Time: 6 - 10 pm
Total Cost: $28
Class Limit of 10 Students

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