Carmen's Bouquet
© Marcia Brown
Intermediate Class - 3 sessions
Interested in learning to paint fruits and flowers? Here's your chance! I plucked the fruit from Carmen's hat and added a flower or two and then placed them all on a lovely pedestal plate. The project is painted on a large 14" enameled metal tray - there are 3 tray colors: Pale Green (the sample is done on green), Pale Yellow and Pale Blue. My pattern will look stunning on any of these colors... COLOR CHOICE will be on a First Come, First Serve Basis. This tray will not be for heavy use, but can easily be used for baked goods and then wiped clean... mine is merely for decoration in my kitchen and it surely brightens up the room! It's a great gift!! We will do all the basecoating and some of the shading and highlighting during the first two classes and probably do the morning glory and final details during the third class. Many of you have asked about making my classes into more sessions to give more painting time, so in an effort to accommodate your requests, I'm giving us plenty of time. Any questions, just ask!
Where: Marcia's Studio
When: All Tuesdays: July 2, 9, and 16, 200X
Time: 6 - 10 pm
Total Cost: $40
Class Limit - Minimum of 6 Students; Maximum of 10

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