Nuthatch & Apple Blossoms
© Avis Braun, Rendition by Marcia Brown
Intermediate Class - 2 sessions
The painting is on a 9 x 9 x 1.5 Paper Mache Heart box that is a wonderful shower / wedding, birthday or mother's day gift. (I'm using one of mine as part of a wedding gift.) This project is my conversion from oils to an acrylic painting per several requests. There is a lot of floating and detail on this piece, but it's well worth the effort. For those of you, like me, who like the written word, there is plenty of room to add a special saying on the box, either outside, inside or both. The main focus, of course, will be the detail on the nuthatch, but we'll also focus on creating a "soft-look" to the apple blossoms.
Where: Marcia's Studio
When: Tuesday, May 28 and Wednesday, May 29, 200X
Time: 6 - 10 pm
Total Cost: $31 for both sessions
Class Limit of 6 Students

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